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Versapro programming from Ge Fanuc

Versapro Overview
GE Fanuc's Windows Ò-based programming software for the Series 90ä-30 and VersaMaxä PLCs. VersaPro is designed to install and run under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Ò4.0 SP5 onwards, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. With VersaPro, you can: Create PLC logic and information associated with that logic in a folder
· Configure PLC Hardware
· Create and edit variables
· Create, edit, and monitor the execution of Ladder or Instruction List logic
· Create Motion, Local Logic and Cam programs for the 90-30 DSM314 Motion module Chapter Contents
· Overview of the VersaPro Programming Software components
· The Workbench Window
· Configuring Workbench Options (setting editor and target hardware)

Installing VersaPro Software
Note: VersaPro must be installed on a hard drive in your computer. Do not attempt to install VersaPro on removable media such as Jaz® or Zip® drives.
1. It is recommended that you close all applications including virus checking, Internet
Explorer,and CIMPLICITY HMI software that might be running in the background. You may
need to check the task manager to determine if other applications are running.
2. Put the VersaPro CD in the CD-ROM Drive.
3. Select the CD drive from Windows Explorer.
4. Double click Setup.exe
5. Follow the user prompts to complete the installation. If you have a previous version of VersaPro installed, the installation tool will first uninstall the previous version. During this uninstall process, you may be asked whether you would like remove shared files. It is recommended that you always answer “No to All” to ensure that no files are deleted that might be needed by another application. Note: When you upgrade from VersaPro Version 1.0x or VersaPro 1.1x to 1.50, your user screen settings and the directory location for program files will be lost. You will need to re-establish these settings after completing the upgrade. Note: For procedures to transfer your VersaPro license to another computer, refer to Appendix C.

Starting VersaPro Software
The VersaPro application is installed in the GE Fanuc Software Program group. The application can be started by selecting Start->Programs->GE Fanuc Software->VersaPro. It is also possible to create a shortcut to the VersaPro application and place the shortcut on the desktop, or to click on a file created by VersaPro (the file in the VersaPro folder with a .fld extension), and start the application in the context of the selected folder. VersaPro may also be started using CTRL-ALT V.
GFK-1670D Chapter 1 Introduction 1-3
1 Multiple Instances of VersaPro
· If you are using a serial connection, only one instance of VersaPro can be connected to the PLC. You can have multiple offline (not connected to the PLC) instances.
· If you are connecting to the PLC via Ethernet, you can have only one instance of VersaPro. Using VersaPro – Overview VersaPro provides a single programming interface to configure your PLC hardware, create and edit PLC logic, and monitor the execution of the PLC program. Component Description Folder Browser Displays a tree-like structure that provides an overview of the current folder Hardware Configuration VersaPro's default hardware platform is the VersaMax PLC. You can change the hardware platform to create programs and hardware configuration for all Series 90-30, VersaMax, and Series 90 Micro PLCs. Logic Editors There are two editors for creating PLC logic: the Instruction List Editor and the Ladder Diagram Editor. You can convert programs and blocks from IL to RLD. Motion Editors A Motion editor and a Local Logic editor are provided for creating local logic and Motion programs for the Motion Mate DSM314 motion control module. A Cam editor has been added to VersaPro 1.5. If the Cam editor is installed, it can also be used with DSM314 release 2.0. Syntax Checking VersaPro provides a tool to check that your program is syntactically valid before storing to the PLC. PLC Communications VersaPro supports serial and Ethernet connections to the Series 90-30 and VersaMax PLCs.

Online Monitoring
Online monitoring and control is supported in logic editors and Reference View Tables and Variable View Tables. Fault System The fault system provides quick connection to view PLC and I/O fault tables in the PLC.

Information Window
The Information window displays the results of actions performed in VersaPro. The following abbreviations are used in VersaPro: Abbreviation Component
IL Instruction List
RLD Relay Ladder Diagram
RVT Reference View Table
VDT Variable Declaration Table
VVT Variable View Table
LL Local Logic
LLVT Local Logic Variable Table

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